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Why you should travel your own country

2018-05-30 05.24.36 1.jpgWe tend to think that travelling involves plane tickets around the world, a lot of visa planning and many days off uni/work. But people come to the country you live in all the time, so why shouldn’t you do what they do? Why not use your knowledge about your country and go to a place where tourists would never go and even few locals have been to?

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This is pretty much exactly what I did last weekend. Austria had another two days of national holidays (are we surprised? Not really), which gave everyone a four-day weekend. My dad asked me if I wanted to go on a hike for those four days with a group of his friends of acquaintances, I said yes and off we went.

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In short, I saw some beautiful scenery, there was sun, rain and hail and I still can’t use my right leg properly. But all of it was completely worth it and I’m so happy I did it. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t know the countryside of the country I live in well enough and I haven’t even been to all of its provinces (which really isn’t hard to do for such a tiny place). If you live in a huge country like the US, you have even more travel options without crossing a border.

One of the few benefits of getting up at 5

Trips like this are relatively inexpensive, easy to plan and you need almost no time to get to where you want to go. Plus, this is a great way to do a more outdoorsy trip where you’re not reliant on any second language skills.

2018-05-30 05.24.31 1.jpg

We stayed in mountain huts and got up at five or six to continue walking. The funny thing is I didn’t even miss sleeping in a little longer. Maybe that’s because you’re just so tired after a full day of hiking that you fall asleep around ten. And because I knew that I’d be able to come back whenever, I wasn’t even thinking about missing out on anything.

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But that of course only works when you do come back and you do sometimes go out and explore the world around you. When we travel somewhere, we know that we won’t have forever, so we try whatever we can and see as much as possible – but when you think about it (a bit morbidly I admit), how is our “regular” life any different? And on this incredibly deep note I’ll leave.

2018-05-30 05.24.37 1.jpg

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